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The Company obtained approval for the Asuwei Recycling Economy Park from the Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform on May 8, 2015. The project has a design capacity of 3,000 tons/day for domestic waste incineration, 3,000 tons/day for rotten waste screening, 1,200 tons/day for scrap landfill, and 750 tons/day for leachate treatment, and will be equipped with four waste incinerators with a capacity of 750 tons/day and two 30MW condensing turbine generators. The project will consist of domestic waste incineration facilities, rotten waste screening facilities, scrap landfills, leachate treatment facilities, a comprehensive management zone, and support facilities.

No. CompanyInstalled Capacity (MW)Shareholding Ratio
1Beijing Huayuanhuizhong Environmental Technology Co. Ltd. 60.0050%
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